KS1 Young Readers Programme

Our Year 1 and 2 children will be taking part in a Young Readers Programme event this year, funded by the National Literacy Trust. The aim of these events is to encourage our children to read for enjoyment. This is important for many reasons and research shows it helps to improve children’s learning in school. At each event, there will be a range of fun activities as well as support for them to choose a book which they find interesting and is at the right level for them. During the event they will have the opportunity to choose a book to keep, which means the children will get three new books before the summer holidays.

The first event took place on Tuesday 19th December 2017. Ms Downie-Campbell transformed the main hall into a beautiful Wintery Wonderland! The children took part in several fun activities such as choosing and reading books, drinking hot chocolate around a campfire, making snowmen, writing poems and cracking secret codes. It was truly a magical experience for all the children and adults involved!

A few quotes from the children:

I felt very relaxed when I read my new book because it was about Christmas and it made me think about Christmas. We touched some ice and fake snow and had to write a poem about it. We had to think of words to describe the ice and fake snow. My favourite part was when I drank the hot chocolate because we got to make the hot chocolate and I created a snowman face on the cup. It was my best celebration ever and I have never made hot chocolate before! [Alessandro - Year 2]

My favourite part was when I made a snowman. The book that I chose was 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas'. I enjoyed the event because there were lots of different things to do and we got to choose the activities. I can't wait for the next event because it will be similar.  [Etta - Year 2]

I really enjoyed making the hot chocolate and learning how to make it. I also enjoyed having a snowball fight with my friends. I found it amazing having a free book! My book was called  'The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas' and it is a very good book. I enjoyed reading it. I am very excited about the next event because I know it's going to be fabulous. [Keir - Year 1]

It was fun when I made the hot chocolate and I enjoyed playing in the bubbles with my friends. My book was called 'Suzie Goose and the Christmas Star'. I read the book to my baby sister and she enjoyed the story because they were decorating the Christmas Tree and was amazed by the star in the sky. I can't wait for the next event because it was really fun! [Amira - Year 1]