LMM - Champions

Thursday 7th December 2017
Music has the power to change lives. Jessop Primary are fortunate enough to see this every day in school with London Music Masters. Through music, children can develop skills and experiences which they can take with them in their lives to become contributing members of the community.
Young musicians can build confidence through public performance and speaking at concerts. They learn personal and social skills when they practise in groups and collaborate on ideas in music workshops. Creativity and imagination is sparked when they compose their own musical stories or plan and deliver their own performance events. They can inspire others in their footsteps when they take the lead and demonstrate the amazing things they have learned through their music.
This is why we are excited to start a brand new programme with London Music Masters called LMM Champions.
LMM Champions is a fantastic year-long set of activities all about learning how to develop as a well-rounded musician, set an example as a young leader, and build on the confidence, creativity and ability to share skills that young people need for the future!
As part of LMM Champions some of the children in Year 5 and 6 at Jessop will
•    be mentored by highly renowned singer Nadine Benjamin.
•    have valuable teaching work experiences in our primary schools alongside our experienced violin tutors.
•    present and introduce at concerts to expand their public speaking skills.
•    help design incredible events for London Music Masters!
The children from Jessop on LMM Champions have all proved that they love music and want to engage with it in new and exciting ways.
Although the school works with incredibly talented teachers and has visits from amazing artists, our young musicians are the most able to inspire more young people to work hard and chase their ambitions in music, and their wider lives too.
Through LMM Champions we hope to encourage the young music and community leaders of the future.