Science Presentation to Parents

On Thursday 18th January 2018, Miss Downie-Campbell, our Science subject leader gave a presentation to Jessop Parents about Science in our school.  She started the session with a prediction about Air resistance and proved the point that not everything you see is real, unless you prove it. The presentation then went on to talk about the expectations of the National Curriculum and was broken down into KS1, Lower and Upper KS2 information. After some time looking at the curriculum and Natural thinkers, Miss Downie-Campbell conducted an investigation with parents, encouraging them to use Scientific enquiry skills to solve the mystery of 'Who did the poo?'.  Parents were asked to search for evidence, draw a conclusion and explain why they came to that conclusion. Miss Downie-Campbell then preceded to explain how this investigation could be applied to different areas of Science.  The event was well attended and parents left with new challenges and a greater understanding of how to work more Scientifically.