Exhibition of Work - Oct 15


This year our first exhibition of work was be linked to Black History month.

Each Year group was assigned a particular field in which to explore and celebrate the successes of Black people from Heroes in Nursery to Explorers in Year 6.

Class teachers set the work as a homework project and encouraged their children to explore, inform and create work based on their given field. They chose black people from their community, country and wider world.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended this years' Exhibition of Work. Once again our hall was transformed into a beautiful celebration of creativity and hard work. The children had the opportunity to exhibit their fantastic homework projects to the whole school community. The high quality and detail of work ensured that the Exhibition was enjoyed by all, and everyone left our hall with new and interesting information.


All your feedback was amazingly positive with quotes such as:

"A lovely Exhibition! The children have worked really hard - very inventive projects!"

"Once again an amazing display of hard work and imagination from the children in Jessop."

"Absolutely brilliant! I was so impressed with the standard of work and the inspirational quotes especially from the black leaders and sports people."

"Mind blowing projects."