London Exhibition

The London Exhibition was held on the 9th and 10th of February.  Each class displayed work around their London topic.  There was so much to see, read and enjoy.  Nursery children displayed their doll house, buses and project homework on toys. Reception children told us about different types of transport and showed us the boats that they had made.

The Year 1 topic was Homes and they displayed fantastic models of houses.  From their study of bridges, Year 2 made a model of the River Thames. Year 3 shared with us about World War 2 through evacuee letters. Year 4 displayed  Tudor houses as models and using an ICT program. Year 5 shared their work on Victorians and Year 6 on famous Londoners.

Thank you, children and parents, for working together at home to produce inspiring heritage projects. It was a joy to learn about all the different cultures represented at Jessop. The exhibition of work will now be displayed around the school so that we can further enjoy the excellent work.

  • ‘My child and all the children have shown very impressive work.’ Rhianne’s (Seals) mum.
  • ‘Absolutely beautiful.  A lot of hard work has gone into displaying all the work.’ Qumia’s (Butterflies) dad.
  • ‘Lovely exhibition, everyone was so enthusiastic and confident.  Well done everyone.’ Layla’s (Ladybirds) mum.