Positive feedback

We would like to say thank you to "Leanne", a member of the public, who took time out to email the school some positive feedback. Leanne's email:

***** Start of Email *****

Good morning,

I have just been on the train from Herne Hill to Victoria with students and staff from your school and I wanted to say how impressed I am. 

The students were not only incredibly well behaved but also very considerate to other people on the train. They all sat quietly with their bags on their laps - one boy sat opposite me looking out of the window and it was only when I looked up from my phone at Victoria that I even noticed he was there. He gave me a huge smile and after instruction from the teacher they all waited patiently for commuters to get off the train at Victoria before they stood up. 

I don’t usually send emails like this but I have never witnessed a more calm and pleasant journey with a school on board. The teacher in charge of the class, the support staff and all the students should be very proud. 

Have a lovely day! 


***** End of Email *****

Well done Year 5s - continue in the #TheJessopWay and enjoy your #JPSClassTrip @theroyalparks Hyde Park - The Lookout.