RE Week

WOW! What a week! Last week saw the launch of RE week. Miss Winstanley was proud to begin the week with a whole school assembly to introduce the theme of RE week: Identity. Each class in the school had a workshop or school trip linking to the work they are doing in RE to inspire their learning! We had a school visit to the local mosque, Judaism workshops linking to Shabbat and the Torah, a trip to the Buddhist Centre, Hinduism workshops, a trip to St Paul’s Church and a workshop for EYFS linking to Christian celebrations! Each class has also contributed to a whole school display which will be developed during the next few weeks, so watch this space! The children participated in a whole school assembly linking to Judaism and were mind bogglingly brilliant at sharing their knowledge about Judaism and the other faiths we learn about here at Jessop.

The week ended with children bringing in their exhibition of work projects which are both stunning, informative and interesting! RE week has been a huge success and thank you all for your incredible hard work!