Excellence Together With Our Community - a successful federation of schools

Jessop Primary School is part of a successful federation with Stockwell Primary. The Stockwell and  Jessop Primary Schools  ‘formal’ federation is based upon a collaborative partnership with a central leadership. The schools work together to share best practice and maintain the high expectations. In short, the objective of the federation is to deliver a broad, balanced and imaginative curriculum in an environment conducive to learning and focusing on: Excellence Together With Our Community.
We have great partnerships which give the children brilliant opportunities. Teacher.

London Music Masters


London Music Masters believes that music is of inherent cultural value and that it can have a lifelong impact on the social, educational and cultural development of children and communities. Working towards a world where everyone has access to extraordinary music regardless of their background, LMM Learning provides several inner-London schools with music lessons led by high quality teachers and the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of unique and exciting music projects. For more information on where London Music Masters works and the specific projects and music activities we run go to

LMM10 – London Music Masters’ 10-year anniversary festival

London Music Masters turns 10 this year, and they have lots to celebrate. Over 2,000 children have received high quality musical learning through them, including those at Jessop Primary School, and they have proved that every child worth a great music education.

They would like to warmly invite you and your family to their 10-year anniversary festival, LMM10!

With creative workshops, inspiring concerts, and lots of young performers, there is something for everyone at LMM10. Come and take part with your friends and family, and help them celebrate 10 years of incredible music-making!

To find out everything that is available for you and your family to take part in, make sure to check out the LMM10 Brochure on the link below:


020 7582 4820 // // @LDNmusicmasters

 A school for the community

As demonstrated by our strap-line, Jessop Primary School is committed to working in close partnership with the community, providing excellent education for the local area. Throughout the year we organise a variety of community and fund raising events, designed to bring people into our school. We also work closely with our community of parents, listening to their opinions and ensuring they are happy with their child's education. For more information on our partnership with parents, please click here.

My child is thriving at Jessop. Parent.