RE Exhibition 15th February 2013


Jessop Primary School hosted another outstanding Exhibition of Work on the theme of Celebrations. This theme gave the whole school community an opportunity to share different religious festivals as well as various important family and cultural celebrations. Like our topic work about ‘My Heritage’ and ‘Community’ – this exhibition enabled all of us to find out more about the community in which we live and work.

On display was children’s classwork and homework from the whole school project of Celebrations. The Children’s Centre and Nursery showed us all that they had learnt about Chinese New Year. Year 1 produced work about Christmas Around the World. Year 2 celebrated differences and shared family recipes and model Synagogues. There were wonderful Rangoli patterns and special books made by children, in celebration of Hinduism by year 3. Year 4 produced a variety of project work about Full Moon, a Buddhist celebration. Year 5 studied the life of Jesus through art and created their own creation story in containers. Year 6 shared work from a variety of family celebrations and work around the life of Mother Teresa.