Re week 2015


We celebrated different Religions during the week beginning 16th March, and what a successful week it has been!  We had visitors from different religions, such as Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.


There was a real buzz around the school and all of the children and staff were engaged! It was great to see how these visitors talk about their own religion and the links they make with other religions. Our children had real life experiences through engaging in role play, using traditional clothing to enhance their understanding, exploring with artefacts, listening to different stories and sharing their own experiences with others. Foundation stage classes visited a church in our local community where they had the opportunity to learn more about Christianity and the Easter story. Children definitely have a great understanding of religions and faiths and are able to talk about it with great respect.


During the week all classes worked on their specific religion for the term and made great links with other subjects, for example Year 2 and 4 created Islamic Patterns. Artefacts and books from the six main religions have been on display during the week for teachers and children to look at. All of the great work has been put together in a whole school RE display outside the main hall. This is definitely a must see!