Television Presenter Chris Packham Comes to Jessop

Television Presenter and Nature Photographer

In line with our Summer 1 topic of ‘Nature’, Jessop Primary had  a visit from nature photographer and television presenter Chris Packham on Monday 23rd April 2012. Chris visited Jessop to discuss nature in the local area and how the school can maximise their access to see the wildlife in the local area. He conducted an assembly with all of the pupils and excited them with facts, such as shark attacks per year being fewer than people falling off ladders. He intrigued them by discussing the fastest animal in the world and explaining that the Peregrine Falcon actually lives right here in London on the top of the houses of parliament. The children were amazed that there were foxes living in their local area and that they could gain more access to them by looking in grassy areas and may even see the Peregrine Falcon by listening for its whooshing sound through the sky. The pupils were fantastically inspired to be developing their nature knowledge and most definitely showed Chris that they have a keen passion and knowledge of nature throughout the question and answer session.



Chris also worked with Jessop’s After school Club (JAC’s) to make bird feeders. All they needed was an empty 2 litre plastic bottle, sticks, string and seeds. Chris worked through examples of how to look after the birds in the local area, how to maximise their chances of seeing the birds and where to place the bird feeders. The children then made the bird feeders carefully and began to consider where they would place them in the greenery surrounding the school. We shall see how many interesting and unique birds visit Jessop over the coming months.