World Book Day 2015


During the week commencing 5th March Jessop Primary School children, staff and parents took part in a number of activities to celebrate World Book Week. 

The week began with a “Book Club”, where Year 6 pupils and the some of the school governors shared their favourite book, poems and rhymes. 

“Please can you thank the children that took part in the book discussion?  They were absolutely charming; they spoke eloquently about their favourite books and listened with interest to each other.  Thank you so much for inviting me to share in this time and will happily join them again”.

Lisa Absolom

On Tuesday “Perform for School” brought alive books through drama into Jessop.  There were numerous workshops over different year groups ranging from Fairy tale Forests in Nursery; Castles, knights and princesses in Year 2; Alice in Wonderland in Year 4; ending with Shakespearian culture in the form of “A Midsummer  Nights’ Dream” in Year 6.

It was lovely to meet and talk with parents, on how to support and encourage their children with early reading and reading for enjoyment at the Parent Reading workshop on Wednesday 4th March 2015.  In the afternoon the Reception class went to Carnegie Library, as part of engendering the love for books.

On Thursday the children had an opportunity to read within their own classes.  Children chose popular texts,  new graphic novels and class read.

The grand finale was launched on Friday with everyone transformed into their favourite book characters.  Jessop was awash with colour and inventiveness.   The day began with a successful assembly with interactive quiz and poetry reading.  Everybody continued to celebrate their favourite books throughout the day.  It was an eventful week which will be stamped as a triumph in Jessop’s  history